Presbytery before reno with blue carpet and wooden background

Parish History

Historic Overview

Poles living in Canada in the area of Scarborough and the eastern parts of Toronto normally made use of St. Kostka Parish in downtown Toronto. The creation of a separate Polish religious center in Scarborough came about largely as a result of the declaration of martial law in Poland, and the influx of immigrants during the "Solidarity" years. On October 18, 1983, Cardinal Carter founded a pastoral mission for Poles residing in Scarborough, East York, Pickering and Ajax. The mission was dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Poland. 

As its first priest, Fr. Zbigniew Olbrys, SChr. had to organize the religious life of the new center from the foundations up. After his tenure, a Church Building Committee was appointed in 1986. The building project was realized under the direction of Fr. Stanislaw Kuczaik, SChr. 

A solemn consecration of the new church took place on June 22, 1997. On that day, Archbishop Ambrozic raised the Our Lady Queen of Poland Mission to the status of a personal parish.