View of the church building from parking lot

Updates on Covid-19 Restrictions

Posted : Mar-25-2022


Updates on Covid-19 Restrictions: 

    • Indoor masking requirements ended in churches, parish halls and offices  on Monday, March 21, 2022
    • there are no capacity limits
    • Starting on March 21, individuals aged 18 and older, who have received their Covid-19 booster shot and who are asymptomatic for Covid, do not need to self-isolate when they are in close contact with someone who tests positive for Covid-19 (including if the sick person is a member of their household). The self-isolations requirement is also lifted for those younger than 18 years old who are asymptomatic and who have had two Covid-19 vaccine doses. If you meet these criteria, for 10 days you must wear a mask in public, refrain from elective visits to medical settings and avoid physical contact with those who are vulnerable to Covid
    • Those who do not meet the above criteria and who have a Covid-19 close contact, must continue to self-isolate according to current provincial regulations