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Worldwide Marriage Encounter Experience

Oct-22-2021 to Oct-24-2021   |   Online

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Discover the possibilities of a marriage lived as God intends it!

Restore your loving communication with your spouse and rekindle the romance in your marriage. The Worldwide Marriage Encounter experience is a special weekend for you to spend together as a couple and share your feelings, hopes and dreams. It is a skill-building enrichment program where together, you, as husband and wife, learn how to be the best couple you can be. No group discussion. Based on Catholic values but open to couples of all faiths. Available in English or Spanish.

ENGLISH CONTACT:  Gerard & Marge - 905-792-1925, gerard.marge@rogers.com 
SPANISH CONTACT:  Gustavo & Milena Junca - 647-773-3963, milenapenaq@gmail.com 
WEB: www.wwme.org
BROCHURE FOR COUPLES: http://bit.ly/WWMECouples 
BROCHURE FOR PRIESTS: http://bit.ly/WWMEPriests 
POSTER: http://bit.ly/WWMEOct2021 
VIDEO: http://bit.ly/WWMEVideo